Monday, May 26, 2008

Lemons and New Kicks

Cade is growing way too fast. We took him to get some new shoes today because he already outgrew the shoes we bought him a couple months ago. So, today Cade got his first pair of Nike's. Size 6!!!! We came home and had to test them out in the front yard.

A boy on a mission ...

Check out my new shoes!

I can't help but notice the resemblance between Cade and Kenny from South Park
This flower smells good


We found Daddy's truck

Cade decided we needed to take the rope out of daddy's truck and take it home

We got sidetracked on our way back to the house and had to watch the airplanes

Leaves are always fun to play with

What do you mean we have to go back inside?

1 comment:

Cliff said...

Hey Cade, those new shoes could end up in the basketball hall of fame one day. But if you can hit a baseball, the Padres can use you!
grandpa cliff