Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Celebration of Champions

** WARNING - Picture overload! :) **

This past Saturday our family participated in the 2009 Celebration of Champions. This is an annual celebration that helps raise money for the Hematology/Oncology unit at Children's Hospital. This was our first year participating and it was such a moving, emotion-filled day. It was amazing to see so many families gather together to celebrate the lives of their children. The day began at the Embarcadero and ended at the Padre Game where the kids got to go down on the field for a special pre-game ceremony. I really think this was one of the best days our family has ever had together. :)

Ryan explaining to Cade why we were at the celebration - pointing to his scar and telling him about how special he is to mommy and daddy

These were our sponsors. Each child was sponsored by an individual or company and each sponsor gave a donation of at least $1500. I was blown away by the fact that complete strangers would sponsor Cade and donate money in his honor

Cade and daddy waiting for the action to begin

This is Cade's buddy Madeleine. She is currently battling Neuroblastoma (the same cancer that Cade had) but she's a fighter and is going to beat this. We love Mad and her family (and their crazy basset hound, Humphrey who will be coming to stay with us this week ... I'm sure there will be blog posts about that soon. hahaha.)

The motorcycle cops did a lap to start things off. They had their sirens and lights on. I'm not sure who's idea that was but they need to be fired. Have you ever stood next to a police siren? It's enough to make you lose your hearing. A ton of kids started crying. Cade covered his ears and hid his head in Ryan's lap. Way to go motorcycle cops! You really know how to start a party! :P

This was the start/finish line for all of the "champions." Each child ran a lap with their sponsors and a celebrity while the crowd cheered for them.

There were also many families there who had lost a child to cancer. They each carried a white balloon and took a lap together. At the end of the lap they released their balloons signifying their child's release from this horrible disease.

This was our celebrity for the day. Chris Young, pitcher with the Padres. The guy is a beast. Let me remind you that Ryan is 6'3" and he looks like a shrimp standing next to Chris (yep, we're on a first name basis now.) He was seriously so nice and genuine. I think he might be my new favorite pitcher (just don't tell Jake Peavy.)

Cade was the first runner off the starting line so he got to wear the number 1. There are definitely many benefits to having a last name that starts with the letter A. :)

Wow! Is that actually a picture of mommy and Cade? That's a rarity! (Hang on to your seats ... there's more where that came from)

Cade took a ton of videos for me

Making friends with the noisy motorcycle cop

Stopping to clap for his friends

"Bwahaha .... I can drive this thing"

Trying to run me over with a wheelbarrow

I asked Cade to smile and this is what he gave me ... such a ham

Clapping for more friends

This is nurse Jeanie. She was the nurse who took the bone marrow from Cade's backside when we were in the hospital almost 2 years ago. She walked up to us and told us that she remembered him and that she was so glad he was doing well ... that my friends is the sign of an awesome nurse

Time for a ballgame and hot dogs!

Cade and daddy walking onto the field for the pre-game ceremony

They both just melt my heart

They had to hang out on the field for quite awhile ... Cade got a little bored and thought it would be cool to play in the dirt

Bud Black, Padres manager. He was at the celebration that morning and donated 400 tickets for the kids that evening. You can see Ryan and Cade on the far right side of this picture.

Cade schmoozed with the ball players ... here he is giving Heath Bell (pitcher) a high five

Talking baseball with Drew Macias (outfielder)

After the ceremony we headed to the big grassy field in the ballpark and enjoyed lots of yummy snacks

so dang cute ...

Cade plotting mischief and mayhem

Whoa!! More pictures of mommy!?

This was such an awesome day and it will definitely be an annual event we do as a family. We're so blessed to have a healthy little guy.


Amber said...

Okay Sarah, the next time we attend anything together I'm leaving my camera at home! Beautiful pictures. It was fun to see a different perspective of the day. Next year we'll go to the Padre's game too!

Grandma said...

You are the loves of my life. I have no more words than that. I actually have a zillion to add about this post, but I will leave it at that. Mommie your so beautiful with your boy!!! Daddy's pretty good looking too :)

Hugs and Kisses Forever