Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Cade made Valentine's cards for all of our family and we spent the morning driving around and delivering them. He thought it was pretty cool. Of course he enjoyed eating the lollipops involved more than anything. :)


Grandma said...

Happy Valentine's Day Caedmon. Grandpa and I love the Valentine's you gave us. We had such a fun time with you today as always. You made our day extra special spending time with you!!

Love Grandma

Rose said...

Soooo cute. We did CARS this year, too. Our boy is quite obsessed. Of course, I just missed the perfect picture moment in our house with Cayden sitting in Hannah's lap. But the camera is across the room. Grrrr. . . . moment would have been over. Sure do enjoy the photos. Happy V-day to you, too!