Monday, December 22, 2008

A Summary of the Past Few Months

Here is a quick summary of what has happened in the Albert family over the past few months. Sarah survived the busy holiday season with her photography business and has not had a lot of down time until now. So here are some photos of the past few months to get you all caught up. (And there should be *plenty* of time for blogging now that the new year is approaching.)

In September we celebrated the one year mark of Cade being cancer free. We had a party with our friends and family and raised money for Children's Hospital in San Diego as well as the Neuroblastoma Society. Cade helped me make the cupcakes for the party ... although he did more eating than helping. :)

In October we had fun with all of the Halloween festivities. Cade was a train conductor for Halloween (although his Uncle Ian would argue that he was a train engineer ... I think conductor sounds cuter though.) We had fun trick or treating for the first time this year. Cade was really funny and would sit down on the lawn after every house and check out his candy. He really liked this whole Halloween thing.

In October Cade and I also took a trip to Austin, Texas to visit our friends. Ryan went on a 2 week trip to Greece with his dad, so Cade and I decided we should have some fun too.

Cade with Uncle Eddie and Aunt Heather (his Godparents)

Cade showing off his belly button in front of Eddie and Heather's house

We stayed the week with my good friend, Rachel, and Cade's buddy, Griffin. We visited quite a few creek beds while we were there so the boys could have fun and run around. Although looking back at these photos now ... the water looked a little green. hahaha. Oh well, nothing has happened to them yet. I will let you know if Cade or Griffin grow an extra arm or anything.

Remember this photo from our last trip to Austin in May? Look who has grown since then!

In November, Grandma and Grandpa Mackland took us to Perris, CA for a Day Out with Thomas the Train. Cade LOVED Thomas. He had a blast, although he had his "serious" face on the whole day.

In November we also celebrated Thanksgiving. Cade had a great time playing with his cousins. The funnest part of the day for him was when his cousins showed how how to play bowling on the Wii. He thought it was the coolest thing ever.

More photos are coming!


Rose said...

He's soo gorgeous!! So, I'm looking at the photos and Cayden says, "Hey. . . that's ME, eating cake." Of course, I correct him, but he could care less, until I got to the photo of Cade with Mimi and Uncle Eddie. "Look Cayden, it's Mimi and Uncle Eddie." "With ME!!!!" was his reply. I told him again, "Nope, not you." Cayden demanded, "Then who is the other BOY with MY Mimi and Uncle Eddie?!?!?" A tad bit of jealously, if I say so myself.

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh Rose that is hysterical!!!! They MUST look alike if even Cayden can't tell himself apart from Cade. hahaha.