Saturday, September 13, 2008

Growing Up WAY Too Fast

Just this morning I was thinking about how I would *eventually* transition Cade into a big boy bed. I figured I would first remove the crib bumpers and get him used to that. Then maybe I would remove one side of the crib and see how he did with that. And then some day ... in the FAR future ... we would buy him a big boy bed and everything would be great. I was thinking Cade would probably be close to 3 before we got rid of the crib.

Well ... a certain someone had other plans in mind. This afternoon Cade climbed out of his crib 4 times!!!! I put him down for his nap and about 10 minutes later I heard him at his bedroom door. It totally freaked me out. When he woke up from his nap he climbed out again. So, Ryan lowered the mattress as far as it could go and we took the bumpers out. Then we put Cade in it to see what he would do. The kid did not even skip a beat. As soon as we put him in there he hoisted himself up and shimmied down the side of the crib. So much for waiting until he's 3.

So, off we went to Babies R Us. We picked out a bed and Cade picked out the bedding he wanted. Then we came home and Cade helped Ryan put the bed together. He was so excited about his "big boy" bed. Tonight, at bedtime, we read our books, said our prayers, then Cade went to sleep in his new bed without a fuss. I have no idea what the next few weeks are going to hold for us but I'm sure it will be a bit of an adventure. Our son is on the loose! He's no longer contained. Scary thought. hahaha.

So, lots of prayers would be great. Pray that Cade does well in his new bed and that he doesn't fall out of it. And pray for mom too ... I'm having an emotional meltdown. How can it be that my little guy is growing up so fast?

Picking out his new sheets

Helping Daddy put the new bed together

Such a goofball

Here it is!!!

In his jammies ready for bed (and yes ... we attached his fish aquarium to the footboard ... the kid LOVES that thing)


Grandma said...


I just love your new bigboy bed. You will get so much good rest. Mommie worries to much He-He! I can't wait to see you. Love Grandma

Rose said...

Okay, that last photo is Cayden. . I don't know how you got it or why is has a binky in his mouth, but you cannot tell at all that it is not my son. LOL Again, wow.

And Cayden is not allowed to talk to Cade in regards to his new bed. We are perfectly happy with C in the crib until he's 10 LOL

WTG, Caedmon. Kisses from Texas.

Rose said...

PS - check out our blog for new updates regarding our C-man (The McIntyre Family one, although you can check out Life in Kindergarten as well LOL).

Keri said...


I was wondering what you were up to so I'm lurking! I love the pictures. Cade is so big! Drop me a line sometime if you get a chance!