Friday, August 15, 2008

Big Brother is Watching You :)

We have a video monitor that allows us to watch Cade in his crib (welcome to the high tech world of parenthood, hahaha.) Cade always cracks me up when he's going to sleep, so tonight I took some pictures of him on the monitor. Sometimes I think he knows we're watching him. :)

He started off normal ... just chillin' watching his fish aquarium

Time to swap pacifiers (Cade sleeps with about 6 pacifiers in his crib)

Where did Caedmon go?? That's him buried underneath his blanket (the one his godparents, Eddie and Heather, gave to him when he was a newborn ... he LOVES that blanket)

Uh oh, the fish stopped ... gotta get up and turn it back on again

Time to fluff the blanket

Cade decided the blanket was much more comfortable on his head

Is that a ghost in there? hahaha

Another thing Cade likes is to dangle his legs through the slats of the crib

Ahhhh, finally asleep. He always seems to fall asleep laying sideways with his legs hanging over the side of the crib. Any weird behavior is always blamed on Ryan. :)


Rose said...

Soooo funny. Thanks for sharing this part of C's day with us!!

Barley Family said...

I love these Sarah! I totally want to go out and get one of these monitors now to see what my little munchkins are doing :)