Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Fairest of the Fair

Today Cade experienced the San Diego County Fair for the very first time. Cade loved all the farm animals, and especially enjoyed a yummy corn dog and lemonade. The funnest part of his day though was when he spent 20 minutes running up and down a ramp in the flower display area ... I'm not even kidding. hahaha.

Cade was so excited and pointed to just about everything

Waving to the cows :)

Petting a calf

Mmmmm ... Hot Dog on a Stick

Watch out! Here comes Mr. Crazy!

Cade thought it was extra funny when Daddy started chasing him

Seriously people ... can he be ANY cuter???


Grandma said...

Mr. All American Boy!!! He's just so cute it takes your breath away sometimes. I love you Caedmon. Love Grandma

Shelley said...

It's true...he really couldn't be any cuter! So glad you guys had fun at the fair. It's amazing that a ramp in a flower area can now be just as entertaining as the amusement ride section!